The pilot project of training session with Adam Ondra, Martin Stranik and other.
Adam Ondra at the block Pedofil again.
A Muerte climber David Kozel is trying morpho project in Beskydy mountains.
Carpe Diem 11
A usual climber´s day...
Tessin 10
Hot summer between the granite boulders in Switzerland.
Chironico 09
Old school video of boulder trip in Ticino valley.
Bouldering on limestone in Štramberk village.
Freezing, smoking, bulshiting and climbing on the boulders.
Autumny boulder trip across the Czech Republic.
Pavel fights on the monolith´s edge.
The autumnal day in nature...
Chamber boulder session in Beskydy mountains.
No body´s land 09
Freeze bouldering games in No body´s land...
Mallorca 09
Mental games on the cliffs...
Split 09
Deep water soloing in Split (Croatia).
A few minutes of boulder trip in Ticino valley (Switzerland).
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